About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create clean renewable energy infrastructure and contribute to the global efforts of decarbonizing our power system for critical infrastructures.

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Legacy Power Generation, Inc. is an Experienced Chicago Based Energy Company with expertise in:

Project Identification
Project Development
Construction Management
Power Systems Integration

Summary of Track Record and Current Pipeline

Pipeline (As allowed by Client)

  • 85MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in Eastern Washington State to serve major health care corporation via Virtual PPA
  • 70MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in Ghana with Govt. PPA
  • DG Primary Power Behind-the-Meter for NYSE Listed Midstream Oil & Gas Company’s Pumping Stations.
  • Start with Compton CA, Bakersfield CA $4M Each
  • An additional 6 in California with complete design and PPA Negotiation.
  • Ukiah CA Tribe (Guidiville Rancheria) Microgrid to reduce costs and increase reliability after frequent grid shutoff due to fires.
  • PGE DG RFP- Final interviews selected, COVID-19 Delayed notification. Low probability, high visibility regardless.
  • Tribal Land solar projects totaling 120MW in New Mexico with Interconnection and Land Control.
  • Negotiating Utility PPA
  • American Samoa Microgrid Project of 25MW Solar
  • 35MWh battery energy storage for Amaluia Village in American Samoa.

Track Record (As allowed by Client):

  • Started development 9 years ago with Solar, Wind Power Project Development overseas in complex frontier markets, focusing on the importance of the interplay between political, technical, and financial considerations.
  • Over 3 decades of significant design engineering services for US Utilities, mission-critical infrastructure operators, corporate off-takers, US Government entities with a long list of clients.
  • Significant Engineering and Design Assignments worldwide across solar, wind, transmission grid, and cogeneration power plants in the US, Ukraine, and Nigeria.
  • Solar PV Project in Delavan, IL for school and Solar PV project under development for major cannabis growing facility.
  • 50MW Solar and 100MW wind power in Pakistan
  • 50MW Solar Power Project in Enugu State in Nigeria.
  • Advised on Large Scale MSW-to-fertilizer-gas-heat plant in Turkey.